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About Us

What’s behind Doyoogo?

Doyoogo is run by a dedicated team of 6 talented people in the shiny city of Montpellier in France.

We, at Doyoogo, try to solve the problem that every app or travel website have nowadays: find a good way to inform travelers and to make money on Tours&Activities.

So far, the industry is very fragmented and only 10% of it is actually bookable online. We forecast that it will take 5-10 years to reach a 60% share for the online market. In the meantime, we are beginning to build advanced products and technologies to bring all this inventory together and distribute it efficiently to the final travelers.

Our task, even if it appears a simple one, is a major technological challenge that prevented big travel companies to invest in it for decades. Today, with the new technological tools and technologies available and with all the investments made on T&A in the past years, we are able to develop awesome solutions that will help the whole industry to unlock new streams of revenue.

We focus on

Technology   —   100%

Efficient distribution of T&A   —   100%

Providing good informations to travelers   —   100%

Bringing together the whole travel industry   —   100%

Our brands

All our brands below are part of the Toolimedia network. All of our travel brands work together to create an efficient group of travel websites and apps in order to make travels easier for everyone.


Doyoogo is the first real metasearch for Tours&Activities. Our technology allow travelers to search, compare and choose the right activities and the right providers for their trips. With our help, all the travelers can now book safely any activities across the world knowing that they will pay the right price for it !

Doyoogo is developped by our team in Montpellier, Nîmes and Athens and is formed by engineers and data scientists to provide the best quality of data and the most reliable system for distributing T&A.

You can always contact us about GenerationVoyage.fr by contacting the team here.

GenerationVoyage.fr is a french travel magazine dedicated to the french-speaking travelers. With over 1M monthly visitors Generation Voyage is a strong brand in France, Belgium, Canada and Switzerland and provide informations to travelers about the trendiest destinations of the year, travel ideas, travel deals and tips.

Generation Voyage is developped by our team in Montpellier and all the content is provided by our team of writers all over the world. With their help, we managed to be among the top 100 french travel websites within 2 years !

You can always contact us about GenerationVoyage.fr by contacting the team here.

Traveltipy, like GenerationVoyage.fr is a travel content website where you can find travel tips and travel deals for your personal trips.

Traveltipy is developped by a team of writers and editors and is dedicated to english speakers persons who like to travel.

You can always contact us about Traveltipy by contacting the team here.

Our Team

You are passionate about travelling? You are interested in joining a young and dynamic team in the south of France? Do not hesitate to take a look at our recruitment page !

Eric Gerardin


Florian Colas


Laura Escoffier

Director of communication

Marion Sebastia

Content manager

Our Global Offices

Montpellier, France

Nîmes, France

Athens, Greece

Some Of Our Fantastic Partners

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