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Doyoogo, an ambitious project for the in-Destination industry

Doyoogo was born in 2017 from GenerationVoyage.fr, a french travel media website also run by this company. During many years of experiences in the travel media industry, we realize that one of the main travel sector was still unexplored and very fragmented. So fragmented that the tools to works with Tours&Activities were so rare that it was almost impossible to inform our readers and to work efficiently with T&A.

After a year of reflexion and testing, we decided to take this matter on our hands and to develop a new tool that would allow travel medias online to work efficiently with T&A. Today, with about 200 000 activities in our catalog and more than 20 partners, we are on the right track to develop the tools that the industry really needs. We sold for about 1M€ worth of tickets our first year in beta-test and that is only the start of our journey !

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